Our building is a historic hotel located at the highest altitude in Switzerland. It sits atop the Val d’Anniviers at 2,337 m above sea level, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps.

A grand view of many famous Swiss mountains

  • the Weisshorn, 4’506 m above sea level
  • the Zinalrothorn, 4’221 m above sea level
  • the Dent Blanche, 4’357 m above sea level
  • the Matterhorn, 4’476 m above sea level
  • the Turtmannspitze, 3’080 m above sea level
  • the Mont Blanc, 4’807 m above sea level (the highest mountain in the Alps!)

In clear weather it is even possible to see the glaciers of the Bernese Oberland.

A sun-drenched location

Thanks to its extraordinary location, our hotel enjoys plenty of sunshine and is spared by the wind. We can offer our guests a number of hours of sunshine, above average! You find yourself in the fog? Come up and get some  sun with us!

A look in the valley

Below extends the Val d’Anniviers. At about 700 vertical meters below the hotel is the small village of St. Luc, which is often the starting point for the ascent to the Weisshorn hotel.

No traffic

The Weisshorn hotel is only accessible on foot. (In winter, we offer a luggage transfer and shuttle ratrac).

«… Located at 2300 m. above sea level, entirely overlooking the picturesque valley of Anniviers from where one discovers a stunning panorama of the Valais and Bernese luminaries … … The hotel has all the comfort that one can desire in the mountains. Clean air that breathes, its quiet, nearby high peaks, receiving the first and last rays of sun, sheltered against northern winds, make a summer stay more enjoyable and more tonic; the perfect resort for tourists and families looking for beautiful nature and rest…»

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