The path of the planets and the astronomical observatory F.-X. Bagnoud

Along this footpath, you will encounter the nine planets of our solar system. The path begins at the Tignousa station, 150 meters further you will pass Observatory François-Xavier Bagnoud and almost to the end – between Neptune and Pluto – sits in state the Weisshorn hotel. The path is easily accessible in winter and summer.

The Val d’Anniviers

The Val d’Anniviers is part of the massif of the Valais Alps. It opens into the Rhone Valley, in Chippis, south of Sierre . The river that flows is called Navizence. Its inhabitants are the Anniviards.

The name of «The five 4000» is given to the group formed by the Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, the Ober Gabelhorn, the Matterhorn and the Dent Blanche that are distinctly visible at the same time from the Val d’Anniviers.